When challenged to create an inexpensive alternative to James Cameron's virtual motion capture camera, Orlando Tech 3D Animation student Ismael Perez succeed and won an iPad in the process.  Ismael worked with his instructor Alan Lynch to create a realtime virtual camera that would be wireless in the capture volume. The expensive camera James Cameron uses is tethered to the computer with a string of cables that require additional staff to operate.  Given a budget of $10, Ismael used the iPad app Splashtop to stream the desktop video onto the iPad while tracking the iPad in the capture volume using a few markers glued to coffee stirs.  Ismael also developed the pipeline for students to follow that includes importing a FBX file into Autondesk Motionbuilder complete with textures to create an interactive environment for the actor to work in.  Once the actor and cameras are calibrated in the school's Vicon motion capture system, the data is streamed into Motion builder and attached to the character and virtual camera respectively.  Once the screen view is changed to look through the virtual camera it is maximized and streamed to the iPad using the Splashtop Remote app.  Both the actor and camera data is captured and can be applied to the final project animation.  Ismael entered a video of the project featuring video instructor Jeremiah Buambach into a contest Splashtop was running and won first place taking home a t-shirt and a new iPad. Checkout the video he submitted.

Alan Lynch teaches 3D Animation Technology at Orlando Tech and has been a member of FAITE since 2011

Digital Video instructor Jeremiah Baumbach, demonstrates a 3D virtual camera rig for Orlando Tech's Vicon motion capture system. Orlando Tech students Ismael Perez and Jeffrey Soriano worked with his instructor Alan Lynch to create an inexpensive camera tracking tool using Silvia's iPad.