Autodesk has a great learning resource called "3ds Max Learning Channel" on Youtube.  I was excited to see a posting of twelve videos on creating city block.  The series of videos start by setting up 3dsMax2014 into customize setting for the project.  The next video instructs the viewer step-by-step starting with Photoshop to lay various layouts that are interchangeable with one another.  This allows the digital artist different combinations to work with for the city block model.  I have just skimmed over the videos and I can not wait to explore the project with my students here at Orlando Tech's Game/Simulation/Animation Programming program.  The finished project will blend itself well as a game environment.  I can hear my students' say, "Oh, Mr. Tillery, that is a lot of work!"  And will tell them that they will have the ability to work a great environment for their games, and with time, it will be a lot easier.

Phillip Tillery teaches game/simulation/animation programming at Orlando Tech and has been a member of FAITE since 2013

Description: This tutorial shows you how to build tileable city blocks that include road works, street elements and low-poly buildings to create small and large-scale cityscapes. In this series, you learn various techniques that range from simple modeling and texturing functionality to writing bits of code to help with the automation of certain tasks.