This past summer Orlando Tech instructor Paul Read shot documentary footage with a medical boat on the Amazon River. The boat went 10 hours up river to a village that could only be reached by the river. Eleven medical staff gave help to approximately 1500 riverbank villagers over a period of several days. Many of these villagers had never seen a doctor before. Mr. Read documented the entire venture with the view of making a promotional video that could be used to further the work of these doctors. To date it has been shown on YouTube and on DVD to thousands of people in both the United States and South America. The entire Digital Video Production class at Orlando Tech participated in producing the promotional for the medical group. This next summer Mr. Read will be shooting a documentary on the life of Romanian Gypsies in western Romania.

Paul Read teaches digital video production at Orlando Tech and has been a member of FAITE since 2013

The medical mission to Sao Miguel in the Amazon Delta on the boat Luz Na Amazonia in July, 2013. World Hope Missions Ministry and The Bible Society of Brazil made it all happen.